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Author/Date GetHostByName problem.
13/11/2004 6:39pm
I'm running i.Scribe v1.87 (Test26, Linux Release) under Vector Linux with XFCE. It seems to work with two exceptions:

(1) I cannot read the ('OK', 'Cancel') text in any of the standard buttons. I assume I am missing a library or something. No big deal.

(2) Whenever I try to send or receive, I get a message like:

src/common/INet/INet.cpp:500 - gethostbyname_r('') failed

and, of course, neither send nor receive works.

I should note that when I issue the command 'ping' it works fine.

Any thoughts?

14/11/2004 11:24pm
1) delete or rename '' and the button's text should return. It's an issue with XFT's rendering of bold fonts. Which I havn't been able to fix yet..

2) No idea. This function seems to randomly fail for some machines and only for some applications. I believe I'm calling it correctly. If you know code the source can be found in the Lgi v2.0 download on my site.
24/05/2006 8:23pm
I am also experienced the same problem .

src/common/INet/INet.cpp:529 - gethostbyname_r('<server name>') failed (-1 - Unknown(-1))

But i am able to ping the server .

What could be the reason for this ?