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14/11/2004 9:36pm
I have several contact folders (lists) and some user/addresses are in more than one group. When looking in a sent email's header, I noticed that multiple addresses show up with a question mark. I checked that the emails are sent correctly. I'd like to know if that's OK, or is there a way of avoiding duplicate addresses in multiple lists? Anyway, the program is constantly looking and acting better and better. Congrats!
14/11/2004 11:28pm
The question mark is benign. Scribe can't track which address you meant between when you close the email and open it again, because it doesn't have a unquie ID for the contact. Although this will be addressed in v2.

Also if you want to make groups of contacts I suggest using the new group feature to that end. That way you can just have one copy of any given contact and have them be members of many groups. See the create group option in the contacts menu. You may have to create a 'groups' folder off the mailbox with type 'contact groups'.
17/11/2004 4:37pm
Here is my progress:

First I created a main subgroup folder type "contact groups", e.g. "Groups" off the Mailbox folder. I didn't copy contacts into there yet. Instead I created additional specific sub groups, type "contact groups" folders under "Groups" and copied and pasted contacts from the Contacts folder into them.

Now, when I click "New Email", only one email shows up for each email address.

However, there is no option to "Email" the contact group when you right click on them.

Also, the column view of the "contact groups" shows only "Group Name". Details of the contacts can only be seen in the preview area. It would be an helpful to see "First Name", "Surname", and "Email Address" in the columns view.
17/11/2004 7:59pm

After starting i.Scribe later and selecting the contact groups, there was an error message that said something about Magic Contacts, and fix links. When I fixed links, the folder icon turned into a "contacts" icon and the groups now allow to "Email" them and I could add all the columns I wanted.

So now it seems to all be in place. It was just rough setting up.