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Brian R.
18/11/2004 4:01am
I'm currently running InScribe from a USB drive and have it set up to start up with different scribe.r files depending upon where I am using it. This allows different default SMTP and identity settings for use at work or at home, etc. Information regarding e-mails received on different accounts must be stored in this file; when I startup using a second scribe.r file mail still on the servers is downloaded again. Any chance that this information could be stored in a separate file or in folders.mail2 instead?
18/11/2004 9:48pm
This seems like you just want to work around the limitations of the free version. I don't want to make it too easy to do that because it undermines the sales of InScribe.
Rytis Umbrasas
18/11/2004 10:55pm
Ok. So You have occasion to add "change location" to comercial version!

I were using InScribe comercial version. But I need to change not mailbox, account, but location data.

I would like to have more simple way to change location with my usb memory.
Inscribe lets using easy more mail boxes, but not locations.

Look what we must change, after we change location:

1. SMTP server data (It could be changed by Identities on InScribe)
2. Mail data location. (In some places it's disk f:\ in other disk g:\ somwhere it' disk e:\)
3. Internet conetion data: Proxy server data. (Every location has diferent proxy server IP, port..)

Just one thing could be changed more simple way, by account data as Fret says in InScribe..

But question is not about diferent accounts, but.. location data.
It's a litle bit diferent thing.

Changing location usualy don't mean changing acount data. It's the same account, just location data are diferent.

You can make more reasons to buy Scribe.
I hope Brian would buy Scribe, if it would have easy way to trawel with usb key.

Scribe has all the best features of email programs.
Smart email like email client program + web mailer's portability.
Thats great. I like for that Scribe.

Making portability more easy would be interesting direction to improve InScribe, by my opinion. It could make more buyers, but not less.

18/11/2004 11:11pm
Yes yes, I'm slowly coming around to the idea of having location specific settings stored separately to the accounts. At the moment in my mind, the location specific settings would be:
a) the default send account
b) the http proxy settings
c) ????

Maybe selecting a location would also select a subset of active accounts.

Also it could be possible that the account settings themselves are different for different locations. i.e. at home the pop server could be '' and at work it's just 'mail'. I have _no idea_ how that would work in the user interface without being ugly and hard to understand.

One other thing I'm constantly aware of is complexity. If I add feature 'x' does it make the software better or worse for the 90% majority of users that don't use it? In most cases complexity in any form is bad. In this case locations seems to be going down the road of too much complexity, I still have to maintain the software and keep it all stable, and the more features it has the harder it is to keep it all working well. So please understand I take adding features fairly seriously sometimes when I think it might not be in the best interest of the 'average user' of Scribe. Most successful software is successful because it's simpler than the rest. So maybe everytime someone asks me to add a feature I find something to remove! ;)

But one thing about your comment bugs me, in that the mail folders path is stored relitive to the application, so if you have Scribe.exe on the memory stick and the folders in the same directory it should work fine whether the drive is F: or G:. Is this not the case?

Brian R.
19/11/2004 4:23am
I think Rytis covered a lot of what I was trying to say. I did buy InScribe a few months ago and started using it on a USB flash drive. When using a single profile with multiple accounts - in locations where not all accounts are accessible - things get a bit messy (ie. my 'work' account is not accessible at home; the 'red envelope' occupies my tray constantly because automated mail retrieval fails). When at work I'd like to be able to set the default SMTP server and identity to 'work'; since there is no indicator what the settings are at on the main window this is often forgotten until sending a new e-mail.
Maybe selecting 'New Email' could pop-up a window allowing the identity/SMTP server to be selected at that time; having a 'default SMTP server' would then be unnecessary. Some way of disabling the 'red envelope' for a specified account would be good too.
In spite of the few quibbles I'd still rate this program as one of the best clients around. Given how far this has come in the last couple of years it'll be interesting to see what else is coming in version 2!