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Author/Date A few bugs
08/12/2004 10:58pm

I found i.Mage to be very useful as a way to learn how to use Lgi. Along with iScribe, it really showcases the power of your library.

However, I report here a few quibbles with iMage v0.99 :
- trying to resize an image while the previous resizing operation isn't finished results in a crash,
- the toolbar widget should offer the possibility to be able to be moved around, snapping to the borders of a window, or as a resizable floating palette if wanted. I guess it's not that simple, but it would be a great addition to the toolbar widget.
Using this, it would make it easy to customize the interface in a more coherent manner,
- the undo function doesn't work and subsequent operations suddenly become slow, maybe a couple of articles (, can help here,
- the save function doesn't behave as one would expect,
- the pen diameter doesn't seem modifiable.

Well, this doesn't remove anything to the educative value of iMage.
11/01/2005 12:29pm
The Undo problem may be solved very easily. In fact Undo works, but only if activated using the Icon Bar. The author of this wonderful program can fix that just by adding the menu function (he probably forgot to do so).