Index > i.Mage > in i.Mage, click on Help provides "could'nt find .\help\index.html"
Author/Date in i.Mage, click on Help provides "could'nt find .\help\index.html"
06/07/2005 5:43am
It appears that the installation of version .99 fails to install the help directory. ????
I can't figure out how to edit an image by modifying pixels!!!
12/07/2005 9:36am
Indeed, could a new dowload be placed on teh site with the Help text?

Also could you add a keyboard shortcut for the colour picker. It would be really useful for pixel art if you could press the hotkey e.g ',' then select a colour and the function would return to your preciosu option (Such as draw) this will make pixel editing much quicker.