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Author/Date inscribe 3.0 - first experience
16/09/2022 7:59pm
Thanks for the new version!

Somehow mixed feelings:

+ installs fine on Win10 21H2
+ connects fine to my POP accounts using SSL to receive email.

- Toolbar doesn't show
- Message composing window: no "send" button. As a result: I cannot send an email.
- Status doesn't show when clicking on the "+" besides "Status"
- Tools/check for software update/: still errors on me.
- Help/Help: Doesn't show the help page but my Chromeplugin "adblock plus". If I open the help page using file explorer, it displays fine.
- On the first connection to by mail provider, the new scribe version downloads all emails from the past that are still on the POP server. (I keep a copy of any mail on my POP server for backup reasons)

Cheers, Axel
19/09/2022 7:37pm
I would be interested in seeing the scribe.txt log file.

On windows it's under %appdata\Roaming\Scribe.
03/10/2022 12:31pm
Please try v3.1
04/01/2023 10:49pm
v 3.1 doesn't work either for me.
I have emailed you the error log.