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Author/Date Feature Request: Link emails and calender items with contacts
19/02/2008 10:24pm
Hello All,

I have a feature request, but I'm hoping to bounce it off all you to see what you think.

Basically, what I'd like to do is to be able to have a link made between emails that I send and the person that I send it to (assuming that they're a contact that has been added)

I'd like to be able to open a contact and on a tab see the mail items that have been sent to them (possibly the ones from them as well).

I also think it would also be very nice to be able to associate Calender items with contacts. This would let you deal with an email that comes in (possibly with things the person wants you to do), you could maybe click on their name in the email, and have their contact page come up with their info, and all the stuff that you've been meaning to do for them (in Calender or Todo items) You would also be able to see the emails you've exchanged.

It would be nice to be able to associate one email or calender item with multiple contacts as well, in case you're meeting with a bunch of people and you want to keep track of it.

I could go on and on with this stuff, but this is still an email program, not a PIM, so I'd be happy with the basics.

What does everyone think?

19/02/2008 11:40pm
A long time ago I read JWZ's intertwingle rant and it deeply effected me. And when I read your post I pretty much remembered all the details in that rant.

Yes it's good in theory, but the v1.xx codebase isn't going to cope with that very well. But fortunately for you I'm working on v2.xx which will have a database driven back end that will cope much better with those sorts of features.

So sometime this year I expect some of those features will start cropping up in builds of v2.
20/02/2008 3:29pm
Very interesting read and pretty close to what I was thinking of. It seems to expand even more on what I was thinking, with many links happening "automagically".

The note on storing annotations (Implementation/4. Presentation Tools/names, addresses or people) was very thought provoking as well. A notes field that could contain clickable links sounds quite interesting. Especially if said links are to information (files) that is stored outside of the mail store.

I agree very much with the general hypothesis that the hierarchical system of storage is broken. On an only slightly non-related topic, I've long tried to figure out a way to sort things properly on my computer. I start out with directories like "Programming" and "Electronics" and "Programs", but then where do you put the install files for the Development Environment for microcontrollers? Or even the documentation for said microcontrollers?

Yes, everything is highly intertwingled.