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Author/Date filters in Scripts folder don't work
26/04/2008 11:31am
I tried to run the scripts (from the Scripts folder) that appear at the bottom of the Tools menu. Unfortunately, none of them do anything useful. I am using version 1.90 Test3. The results of each script are as follows:
- Add Senders to Contacts: prompts for contact folder but does not add the contact to the specified folder.
- Delete Attachments (on folder with one email with an attachment): yes/no prompt appears with text "Do you want to delete 0 bytes in 0 attachments?". Regardless of which button is pressed, the attachment is not removed.
- Delete Duplicate Messages (on folder with an email downloaded 3 times with the preview functionality): OK prompt appears with text "No duplicates.".
- Test: no visible effects.

If these tests don't work, they should be removed from the installation.

The scripts above the divider, i.e., "Delete all attachments in current folder", ... seem to work fine. Perhaps, the source for these scripts should be installed in the Scripts folder so that they can be used as an example.

Also, would it be possible to remove all incorrect or outdated documentation from the website and the installed help folder or at least mark it as deprecated.

Thanks, I look forward to writing fully functional scripts.

P.S. I am trying to write a script that simply removes the ***SPAM*** text that was erroneously placed in the subject by my zealous ISP. I thought that this would be easy - but it's not turned out to be.
26/04/2008 1:20pm
Whoops, the title should read "Scripts ... don't work".
27/04/2008 2:55am
I'll have a look at it this week. I wasn't aware of an issue.