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Author/Date not working
06/05/2008 11:48pm
hi i have a gmail account. i like your product and decided to use it, but i can not configure my gmail account. it is not working. and i tried to change my settings but they are not changing. help me if i like it i will buy it. thanks
07/05/2008 12:47pm
Have you read the gmail tutorial?

It's linked from the scribe page.
07/05/2008 3:20pm
Yes, I did. But it is not working. And you have contradiction what is written in Gmail web site on account settings. In I.Scribe it is said and ion GMail instructions it is i am confused I can´t set it right. It is not working neither this way nor the other way. Need help. Please help me.
08/05/2008 11:00am
What does it say in the connection log when you try and connect?

(Status panel -> click account -> click "log")
09/05/2008 9:31pm
Error 0: Can't load or find 'libeay32.dll' and 'ssleay32.dll'.

here what it says, and my version of the pc is laptop, windows vista home premium, and the version of the prog is 1.89 test 22. the last vesion stable.
please help me.
09/05/2008 9:50pm
So you're missing the SSL dll's, in the gmail tutorial there is a link to the DLL's you need to install in your Scribe folder to make it work. It's under the "Install the OpenSSL software" heading.
10/05/2008 3:03pm
But i thought that it us not needed, cuz it is said if you have version newer than 1.89 test 7, you don't need SSL. Anyway thanks i will give a try with SSL.
11/05/2008 3:34pm
Thank you for promting. I can recieve my emails, but i can't not send emails.

Here what it says in Log.

Using 'C:\Program Files\i.Scribe\ssleay32.dll'
Using 'C:\Program Files\i.Scribe\libeay32.dll'
Error: ScribeSSL.cpp:363 - BIO_do_connect failed
Connection closed.

please, help :)
i hope it will be my last problem. I am dummy!!
11/05/2008 9:13pm
Before v1.89t7 you needed a plugin AS WELL as the SSL dll's. I rolled that plugin into the main application after that to simplify things.

So the bio error message is probably a network connectivity issue, i.e. maybe the wrong host or port, or maybe something wrong with your connection. Or at least thats how it looks from this end.
11/05/2008 10:02pm
o i see, but i don't understand i could receive the mail, but can't send. i guess it is problem of google. thank you one more time, i keep trying, you r the best support i have ever seen. keep it going. good luck.
13/05/2008 6:11am
What have you got in the server field for sending?

What is the SSL mode set to for sending?