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29/05/2008 8:25am
Hi Matthew,

just found a problem in the "Add Contacts" window
(writing a new mail)

Scribe searches for mail and nickname but not for the
surname, which is really annoying in my opinion.

Could this be changed in the next version?

Also I read the post from a guy who asked about passing
the password to scribe.exe via commandline.
That'd be a nice feature.

Is that possible?
Keep up the good work
29/05/2008 11:13pm
I'm expecting that users will primarily use the address browse drop down that appears as you type in a recipient. I've thought of removing the "Add Contact" window entirely, but decided to leave it there unless someone complains about it. Are you complaining about it? ;)

Seriously, I don't want to spend any more time on the Add Contact window... other than to remove it as being redundant.

Btw the search drop down uses the first name, surname, nick name and email.