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30/05/2008 2:43am
Although the concept of a program startup password is outstanding and makes i.scribe useful for portable devices the mailbox is still stored on disk in cleartext.
Ideally if a startup password is set then the on disk mailbox should be encrypted also and decrypted on successful password entry. It doesnt need to be invincible encryption but something a little better than plain text would be good.

If this can be implemented a function to export the decrypted mailbox should also be included.

I thank you for all the work and time in providing i.scribe for free, excellent program, thanks.

02/06/2008 8:14am
can you update inscribe to be compatiblewith latest openssl version 0.98h

02/06/2008 12:37pm
ozi: which OS are you running?
03/06/2008 5:31am
Dear Sir

OS: Windows XP SP3

03/06/2008 5:41am
New version OpenSSL 0.9.8h pre-compiled binaries available here:


Will these work with InScribe as is (just copy dlls into Inscribe folder ?
Or you need to reelase a new version / patch ?


04/06/2008 11:15pm
Mythoz: Yes I understand. I will consider this is a feature request for v2. It's a bit late to retrofit this to the v1 branch.
07/09/2008 11:57am
AES encryption of stored messages is a must.

It should not be difficult to code that.
07/09/2008 1:30pm
I thought about posting here again but decided you already have enough on your plates, that is until John awoke my email with a response.

I would hate to seem ungrateful for the work you do but in this world if you dont ask then you dont stand any chance of getting. Scribe is brilliant, use it all the time for my "private" emails but I have a couple more requests to put forward.

The first is fairly easy and simple.
The option to ask for a password when the tray icon is clicked. This in order that you can leave your email minimised, checking but nobody else can access it if there is new mail.

The second a little more difficult to code.
When scribe is open, simply clicking on the taskbar will minimise it to the tray, where, if it is set to "always hide" it dissappears. However I noticed, rather embarassingly, that if you are in the process of writting a message this does not work. It is perhaps the same if reading a message. It would be nice to have it minimise immediatly whatever its condition.

As I say I dont wish to seem ungrateful but Scribe has so far the most potential I have seen of any mail program to be secure and private on a personal level. Again, not asking for industrial strength, there is always a way around for the determined but basic mind your own buisiness strength would be wonderful.

Thank you.