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Author/Date re-sending an email
01/08/2008 8:13am
There is a small ting thats been nagging me for a while.

When i need to re-send and email, because i entered the wrong address or forgot a recipient, i go to the sent mail folder and open the mail, alter the info and click send.

Now the original email is gone and the new one is placed on top.
I understand this. I took an object and changed it, it is now a different object.
It's very logical, however it is not what i want.

I want the sent folder to represent what i actually sent out, for future reference. First the original email, and later the altered email.

What do you think?
20/08/2008 10:16pm
I've changed it to make a copy of the message in this case.
21/08/2008 5:44am