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16/04/2009 9:56am

How can i cut a region from the image?

17/04/2009 12:20am
Create a brush using the region select tool?

I''m not sure entirely what you mean... do you want to crop the image down to a smaller part?

Or erase a section to transparent?
20/04/2009 8:42am
Just want to select one region, move it a little bit sidewards (hiding something there ) and fill what was on the old place, with the surrounding background color.
20/04/2009 10:03am
- Use the region selection tool
- Right click on the top left corner of the region...
- Drag to the bottom right corner and release...
- Now more the mouse till the brush is over the new location and left click.
20/04/2009 11:09am
Thanks, but the contents of the old region is still there, and its not easy to fill with the background.
20/04/2009 3:51pm
Now after i think of it - what i''m describing is a move operation.
I guess i can do it with 2 steps - copy with the brush, and then erase the old region, but it will be handy, if there is a way to do it with just one operation.

I wonder if there isn''t any property in the select tool that i''m missing?
20/04/2009 10:38pm
When you select with the right mouse button it should clear the region to the current background colour... I know that works because I use it.
21/04/2009 7:13am
Perfect! Exactly what i needed:)