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Author/Date Empty messages in v2.29 Win7 64?
22/02/2011 7:32am
If I recall correctly, documentation mentions that, although one can set a preferred charset for reading incoming mail, if this charset doesn't work, Scribe will use another automatically. However, I have had a few messages come in where nothing shows in the body of the read window. The mime in this case reads "multipart/mixed" (which is the first time, I think, that I've gotten a message carrying this mime indication).
A couple of times, simply closing and then reopening Scribe has somehow caused the message body to show, but that doesn't work with this one. Maybe because I dragged the message from my IMAP Inbox into my Scribe Inbox? Now the message is off my server (at least I don't see it when I log in to webmail). This is a different behavior than what I see with Outlook and gmail, where you can't delete anything off the gmail server unless you do it from gmail websit. (With Scribe I'm not using gmail).
Any ideas as to what's going on?
Thanks to anyone who can shed some light on this.
22/02/2011 9:24am
It sounds like this message is on an IMAP server? and it's multipart/mixed?

That would make sense, see Scribe has a threaded IMAP implementation, so when you click on the IMAP message for the first time Scribe requests the body of the message from the server, while displaying nothing (what you're seeing), once the body of the message has downloaded Scribe updates the display to show the message. If the message is large enough and the connection slow enough then you won't see the message appear for a while. And unfortunately there is no indication that anything is actually happening in the body display area (my fault), however the list view should show "loading..." for that email. multipart/mixed means there is attachments in the message, which probably means it's a lot larger than a normal email, and it takes time to download.

If it's a mail2/3 folder... then yeah I don't know. Maybe export the message to .eml and send it to me and I'll see if it displays here.
22/02/2011 2:27pm
Thanks Matthew.
That gives me some good clues about how to procede in future and what to look for. I'll just hang with it for a while and see what happens.
It's been a slow process test-driving Scribe, since I've been extremely busy of late. Some little puzzles, like this one, here and there (very different "personality" compared to Outlook), but overall I'm liking it a lot, and I suspect I will soon go to the paid version.
So far nothing really problematic. Outlook, on the other hand, "gels" from time to time (window turns to a washed-out color and it takes a full minute to do some basic task). When entering a phone # in Contacts it throws up a dialogue box asking for dial-up connection info. Don't have dial-up, so I try to cancel, close, OK...anything. Damn box won't go away until I use Taskmanager to force the whole program to shut down. That means you CAN'T add phone # info to contacts.
Oh, BTW, Scribe pulled all my folders and contact info from Outlook 2003 quite smoothly and quickly via Tools>Import. One little glitch was that when contacts' info came in, just one bit of info didn't: the email addresses. Didn't take long though to just run through a copy & paste job for that part.
22/02/2011 2:44pm
One little glitch was that when contacts' info came in, just one bit of info didn't: the email addresses.

They change the email address tag ID for every release of Outlook, just to screw with the rest of us. Sigh.
26/02/2011 12:27pm
Why am I not surprised?
M$ sure knows how to make itself hated. They've had their fun running their monopoly and forcing us to pay for stuff we don't need. The time for the comeuppance is at hand. Apple is already a viable alternative for many people, and Linux is apparently getting better all the time.
Once the *business* world has their needs covered by alternatives, and they realize the fact, M$ is done. And it'll be a good riddance.