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Author/Date couldn't find GPG program
Jed Stuart
01/03/2011 2:59pm
I have the Beta 29 version and the beta 29 plugin. The GnuPG folder is next to scribe.exe. I am using XP. The plugin loaded ok but I get the message that

"couldn't find the GPG program"

I am using a USB drive and have the home Dir entered. Any clues?
03/03/2011 9:53pm
You should place the gpg program in ..\GnuPG relative to the Scribe.exe and the home dir should be where the key files are.
Jed Stuart
04/03/2011 2:37pm
That is what I think I have done. You mean the GnuPG folder, with the GPG program in it, is in the Scribe folder along with scribe.exe and all the rest of the scribe files and folders?

04/03/2011 5:09pm
No, I mean that GnuPG should be up a level from the Scribe.exe

  |- GnuPG
  |   |
  |   |- gpg.exe
  |- ScribeInstall
      |- scribe.exe
Jed Stuart
08/03/2011 12:31pm
OK, I have it that way now but it's made no difference, I get the same error message.

Have other people managed to set Scribe up on a usb drive?