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07/03/2011 2:33am

I tried to "upgrade" to the paid version (individual user) via Paypal, but it seems there's a slight problem.

The first time, clicking on the Paypal button opened me into a screen that seems to require my credit card info, even though I'm not going to use one, but will pay direct from Paypal. In principle, I'm not into giving out personal info unless it's needed.

The second time, it opened direct into Paypal. Problem here being that my Paypal email address I no longer use for actual mail, so if a key is sent to me I won't get it. There seems to be no way to change to a different contact address.

Any advice on how to proceed?

07/03/2011 10:15am
Clear your cookies... then you should be able to login with the right email address?
09/03/2011 11:46am
I still couldn't find a way to change the email address, but it turns out it didn't matter. I didn't need the key emailed to me. I went ahead and sent the money via Paypal, and when I finished the transaction on Paypal and it closed itself out, I was back on your web page, and the key and user name were right there.

I guess I'm good to go.

Thanks for a great program. Hard to sort through the various versions, betas, etc. to get it set up, but worth the trouble!