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16/05/2011 4:05am
I'm running i-scribe as a trial, maybe go to Inscribe later. Although there's a tab to configure an HTML signature in options, I can't figure out how to then incorporate the signature in new emails. Is this an Inscribe-only feature? If not, any help please?
16/05/2011 10:37am
At the moment there is an experimental HTML editor, but its switched off by default because it's not ready for general use. When using that HTML editor you need to be able to specify a HTML signature, so hence having the ability to enter a HTML sig. For the moment just worry about the text sig and leave the HTML sig.

The setting for the HTML editor is on the appearance tab of the options.
16/05/2011 5:40pm
Thanks for the lightning response. I do need to be able to send HTML mail so I'll hold off from Scribe for a while but I'll check back occasionally because otherwise I really like it.