ARC Rally
Date: 30/8/2004
As I was heading up to the folks place to pick my family up over the weekend I got a geez up close at some of the Australian Rally Championship cars that were driving north on the F3 in full rally dress for the Premier State Rally NSW.

I passed Herridge's STI and one of the Toyota Corolla's cruising along at 100km/h. The noise those things put out is amazing. Just at cruise the sound of the dog gears and the muffler is pretty loud, and I was in a different car... let alone being in the unbaffled cabin.

I would've thought they'd have transport vehicles for the rally cars, but I think they have to drive between stages anyway. So maybe they'd already done some stages.

Well at least the Olympics are over... I've been trying to avoid the unescapable tide of reports about it. Finally we can get back to sport we want to watch... motorsport that is!
Carlos Rocha
30/08/2004 5:56pm
yeah...motorsport that is! :)
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