Scribe Final (Really)
Date: 13/12/2004
Well we're counting down to that magical stable Scribe release (yes I know Christmas IS comming) and the translators are passing in their last edits. It's likely it'll be out by the 20th. Just in time to pop it under the tree of your Outlook stricken family members! ;)

I've also fixed one last crash bug and updated the GnuPG plugins as well.

But we're really just watching and waiting for things to settle and for people to have a last chance for feedback before it's finally really actually final.

We will be taking a break over the Christmas / New Year starting around the 23rd through to the 7th. So don't expect much in the way of response from us then. PayPal purchases of InScribe will still get immediate key and download information but Kagi purchasers may have to wait a little longer than normal for their key.

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