Getting There
Date: 21/12/2004
Making things simple is well... not simple.

Anyway another Scribe test build... more fixed crashes... less bugs... maybe this will be "The One".

As far as I'm concerned it's only lacking one more translation update and then I'll call it the new "stable" release for the next 6 months or so.

In the mean time I'm starting the v1.88 thread, as the version history shows, and the kick things off I've added a feature. Just a little one. However everyone who has seen or heard about has suddenly become wildly enthusiastic and excited. So I await with some trepidation the response from the Scribe user community ;)

And it seems I need to get out more. Because it was purely and simply inspired by Gmail's most excellent user interface. Which btw I plan to nab more nice features from. Someone was nice enough to send me an invite so I could check Scribe's POP access (which works fine). But while I was there I thought I'd poke around and see what all the fuss was about.
21/12/2004 10:48pm
GREAT! It's a GREAT new feature! I only had to look twice, no honestly thrice, to see what all the fuss was about. Nevertheless, it works, Scribe seems stable, and is there a way to put it off? It does not bother me, but you! will get that question ;-)
Im looking forward to 1.88#2, for that next new amazing feature. Boy, what a client...
21/12/2004 10:59pm
I'm not so sure people will want to switch it off. It's easy enough to cancel (press ESC) or click somewhere off the popup. I'll wait and see. If there is enough resistance to it I'll consider an option.
09/01/2005 7:49am
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