Buying A Printer
Date: 3/2/2005
I'm seriously thinking about buying a Canon PIXMA iP5000 but the only thing holding me back is the lack of Linux driver support. The main things I'm looking for is good photo support, alternative OS support, fast connect (USB2/Firewire - dreaming I know), low total cost of ownership and doesn't look ugly.

The options:
  • Canon - Cheap and separate ink carts, so low TCO. Good quality prints, fast. Update: Commercial linux support available.
  • HP - Hideously expensive cartridges. Can't replace just one colour. Looks the nicest though.
  • Lexmark - Cartridges are chipped = evil business practices.
  • Epson - Cartridges are chipped = evil business practices.
So anyone know of a better unit for A$ 300 ish?
03/02/2005 11:41am
As someone pointed out via email, you can get a tool that allows you to refill Epson or Lexmark printer cartridges anyway, but I think why not take a stand against those sort of business practices and vote with your feet?

Don't buy their products and send them an email saying why. Businesses will have to listen when hordes of potential customers go over to the competition.
03/02/2005 12:06pm
Have you considered buying a personal b/w laser printer instead? The cost per page is less than a third of an inkjet (That ink is so expensive), and they print faster. If you want photos printed, you can always go down to your local photo shop. Almost all of them have the capacity now to handle most of the memory card formats, and you won't have to deal with the ink running when water hits the photo.
03/02/2005 12:07pm
Oh joy of joys!

You CAN with a Canon on Linux after all. Abeit for €$ 29.95 you can get TurboPrint which supports the iP5000.

So that settles it. I'm getting a Canon. I feel a bit gipped about having to pay for the Linux driver but at least it's going to work.
03/02/2005 12:11pm
SnappyCrunch: I did think about that, seriously in fact. But 2 things swayed me to the bubble jet side, first I don't print much at all. So I don't know whether the cost of ink is really that big a deal. I know I went on about it in the post but really I'm mostly doing a couple of sheets a week.

Secondly going to the photo place to print digital stills is still annoying enough that given the choice between 2 printers that cost the same it makes sense to me to get the one that does photos as well, and get rid of all those annoying trips to the shops. Esp. when the grandparents are here and they go "Oh I love that photo, can you get me a copy?". You get that with cute little kids like ours. I swear just about everyone thinks they'll end up as models. And who am I to disagree?
05/02/2005 12:13pm
I'm getting a printer. I'm getting a printer. I'm getting a printer.


$349 -> $160 due to vouchers and having friends on the inside. Arh!

And hopefully it'll show up all those bugs that you Scribe lot bitch and moan about ;)
13/02/2005 12:37pm
It's on back order. *shlump*
17/03/2005 3:29am
It's here! :)
19/03/2005 7:06am
Yes it's a great printer, especially duplex and booklet printing. I have been using the printer from XP until GIMP_PRINT get a driver together. They are almost there.
28/07/2008 6:25am
A Lexmark printer cartridge is not a good cartridge. Never buy this type of product.
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