Stupid Dumb Body
Date: 16/3/2005
Well there is nothing more annoying than being held back from doing what you really want to do by injury. My old RSI is playing up bad again, and I'm struggling to do much work at the computer this week. The usually rounds with the Doctors, Specialist's, Managers+HR, Medicines and resting are the order of the day.

Thus no Scribe release... Test7 is um, not "done" yet. And thus not released. No schedule yet either.

(Does anyone even read this blog? No-one has bothered to comment on the last 5 entries.)

What drives me up the wall is that I finally get my home recording studio setup, after 4 years of waiting and saving, and that very day the RSI kicks in forcing me off any instruments or the computer... coincidence? I suspect not. I've been waiting around for the last month while parts are shipped here, not playing any guitar just so I could dive in and enjoy it. Ironic eh? *grrrrr*
16/03/2005 4:29am
Sorry to hear that you're "down & out". You probably didn't get too many replies because nobody wanted to distract you from your Scribe work. Best wishes!
16/03/2005 5:22am
Well, I read your blog, but really, if you're blogging for other people, you're probably blogging for the wrong reason. Other people will always let you down; they have different expectations than you do, and they live different lives.
16/03/2005 5:29am
Snappy: I blog to share things of importance, to vent sometimes and to get feedback on certian issues. The feedback seems to be patchy at best. Some posts may be better suited to another forum I'll readily admit, but that might mean I have to sink more time into "posting" than I really want.

So hence, if in doubt bang in it the blog and hope for the best.
Carlos Rocha
17/03/2005 12:19am
I do read :)
17/03/2005 9:35am
So do I! And I'm still saving for your MiniMac... ;-)
Best wishes!
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