Canon Pixma iP5000
Date: 17/3/2005
Well it finally arrived, the new Canon Pixma iP5000 printer. I've set it up and printed out a single photo at this stage, and well I can't tell the difference between this photo and a professionally printed one. So I'm fairly impressed so far.

It's easily the best photo printer I've seen, but then again I havn't seen a lot of them.

All that really matters it that it kicks butt, for photos, the occasional invite or .DOC and DVD labels. One test down... couple more to go.
19/03/2005 9:13am
I put some high rez paper in and printed out my homepage... it's uh amazing, the colours are great, without the "dots" associated with so many printers I've seen so far. And the lines + fonts are very crisp, easily better than a lot of laser printers, which is not so surprising considering the available DPI on it.
23/03/2005 2:47pm
Sweet, I've been thinking about a photo printer too. Would be sweet to fill the wall with nice art :)
05/04/2005 4:05pm
We got the the older 865i (which basically is the P5000's predecessor I think) and are very satisfied with it, too. CD prints are really surprisingly good, photos are plain great. Separate ink tanks are good for the purse (2 black tanks btw: one with particle/indian ink for text prints, one with dye ink for better photo mixing).
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