v2 Where For Art Thou?
Date: 5/3/2008
So I guess people are wondering where v2 has gone? Well works continues, abet at a slower pace due to life's interruptions. Currently I'm ripping out the old cruddy IMAP full implementation and making a new one based on the new API's that I've made. This is currently looking a lot like a MAILDIR implementation where all folders and email are read from disk. Basically my idea is to cache email and folders on the IMAP server on disk in a sub-folder under the Scribe location such that you always have an offline database you can access. The IMAP network thread then attempts to keep the folders in sync with whats on the server. I haven't got to that yet, because I'm still building the MAILDIR functionality up. However I get a free MAILDIR implementation at the end as well.

Anyway I might make the implementation of the caching/offline part different later as I build more optimal backends but MAILDIR is way easy and fast to implement (at the expense of runtime performance) so it'll get me a working IMAP implementation faster. And I think everyone would prefer working IMAP sooner even if it's a little slower than it could be. I'm not planning to complicate the MAILDIR stuff with indexing but that would probably fix the speed issues at the cost of extra complexity and implementation time.

This will hopefully make the Scribe v2 upgrade worth it.
08/03/2008 2:18pm
Doesn't that violate the IMAP principle, having (a copy of)the emails stored locally.

I thought the point of IMAP is about storing the data online, vs POP that stores locally.

Yes, the main function is the ability to access all data independent from computer or email client. But a close second is the ability to access that data without transferring (downloading) the entire 'data container'.

I could be wrong, i personally don't use IMAP.
02/04/2008 3:04pm
No, that does not violate IMAP. There are different modes of IMAP according to the RFC, the latest of which is RFC 3501. One of those modes allows storage of the mail both locally and on the server.

I love the InScribe and i.Scribe mail clients, and I can't wait to try out the IMAP support.
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