Scribe v2 Progress
Date: 17/3/2008
I've ported the existing v2 to both Linux and Mac, although I have no immediate plans to make releases on those platforms I like having a working svn. The linux build is particularly useful for checking under valgrind and the mac port is useful for when I'm working on a laptop away from my PC.

As for v2 itself I've been implementing the foundations for a basic Maildir backend which I can reuse for IMAP. I know its not the "proper" way you should do IMAP but I can move towards that once I've got something working. I'm putting in place methods of converting mail between different backends and making that fairly seemless. Today I've implemented an attachment class for the IMAP code and I'm using the GMime class that I wrote a zillion years ago.

Because the new internal API's are now well designed I can change implementation details like exactly how the IMAP cache works without effecting the main app in any significant way. This gives me a lot of freedom that I didn't have before.

Some of the work I've been doing this week is going towards adding multiple simultaneous folder support. Which is a stepping stone to good import and export functionality too. I could do something crazy like write a MAPI backend... thing about that. Scribe could be corrupted by the dark side!

If I wrote a backend for all the mail import/export formats I can read/write, and then rewrite the import/export code to replicate between any 2 backend mail stores... hmmmmm. The possibilities are endless.

So far the whole architecture is holding up well in day to day use. I can't wait to write a faster "native" backend to replace mail2 files.
09/05/2008 4:11pm
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