Leopard Support
Date: 19/3/2008
X-Mailer: InScribe v1.90 (Test3, MacOSX v10.5.2, Debug, en)
Yes I'm working on Leopard support. So far the major issue seems to be a slow down somewhere in the startup code. So I've built the codebase on Leopard and fixed the project files. And I'm not seeing any slowness on a Leopard based build. So maybe it's because the current release is built on Tiger that it's having issues. Leopard isn't really stable enough for everyday usage IMHO so I'd like to be able to work out what is borking up Tiger based builds of Scribe on Leopard.

Most of the other issues appear to be similar to Tiger. Still there seems to be so much work to do and so little time.

One issue I'm looking at is that I can't load libPng in Leopard (works in Tiger). When I dlopen(libPng.dylib) I get "image not found" but a spotlight search turns it up in the frameworks tree. What gives?

I have fixed some other non-Leopard issues while I'm here. Unfortunately not "the" issue, which is the hang in the receive mail code due to memory corruption. It's hard to reproduce and harder to debug.
20/03/2008 9:40pm

What happens when you build on leopard with
-mmacosx-version-min=10.4 -isysroot=/Developer/SDKs/MacOSX10.4u.dsk?

You will want to do this to create builds which will run on 10.4 as well as 10.5.

What kind of stability issues are you seeing with Leopard? I have it running here on 2 machines and it seems to do pretty well. I have issus with XCode 3.0 when debugging but the XGate executables run OK.

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