More Visual C++ 2005 Keyboard Idiocy
Date: 21/4/2008
After the previous keyboard related debarcle it should come as no surprise that Visual C++ 2005 can shoot itself in the foot with macros. The situation I found myself in today is that the Ctrl+F7 shortcut that is used to kick off a compile stopped working. I tried closing Visual C++ and restarting it and resetting the keyboard bindings to their default (Visual C++ 6 of course) and nothing worked. The only thing out of the ordinary that I'd done recently was to record and use a temporary macro. So I thought that could be related to the compile keyboard shortcut not working. Experimental I open the Macro explorer (Tools -> Macros -> Macro Explorer) and there was a section in that called "Recording Module" and under that "Temporary Macro". So I deleted the temporary macro and tried the compile shortcut again. Lo and behold... it works again!

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