Mac Native
Date: 10/5/2008
I know that it's been a long time between drinks regarding Mac releases. And thats mostly because I've been very busy with other projects. But the last few weeks I've been working more and more on the Mac codebase. I've spent a lot of time re-working the drag and drop support. Which apart from not looking any different is becoming more reliable and flexible. Secondly I'm working on compatibility with standard Mac key bindings, for instance hiding a window. And now I'm playing with the native Mac file open dialogs. I've got a basic implementation working. Now it's a case of mapping all the parameters to the various Mac APIs.

As for the various apps I've ported, I've got i.Mage working quite well on Mac and i.Hex has been ported as well. The Scribe port is undergoing day to day testing. I've changed some things in the receive code to log all the accesses to the mail transfer status variable which has been getting corrupted by something. So far so good.

I'm also planning to play with some of the native controls inside the context of an Lgi application. Which hopefully will make the app look and feel more native. I'm wondering if I can make the toolbars extend the title bar down over the buttons. Hmmmm.
21/05/2008 10:17pm
I was already wondering where that Mac-port had gone ;-)
I still use the latest release on my PPC-mini. Works well for everyday use.
21/05/2008 10:39pm
I should just stop and make a release right?

But I'd love to have native scrollbar support working. So far has been harder than I thought. Maybe I should drop that for this release, hmmm.
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