Deleting Scribe v2.00 Plugins
Date: 8/8/2008
I'm seriously considering deleting the whole plugin feature from v2.x of Scribe and replacing it completely with the scripting engine. For the most part the plugins are fragile because of their dependency on C++ ABI's not changing. Also they tend to be a little bit of glue between the application and some 3rd party tool or library. This should ideally be handled by a script so that the ABI dependency goes away and the functionality is "open source" allowing the user to tweak it to their own preferences.

This will mean that the scripting language will have to support calling into the operating system and shared libraries (DLL's). I think I can make the basic part of that work ok. I'm a lil worried about more complex types not being represented in the scripting language. Currently it's limited to a range of basic types, string, int, list etc governed by the types support by the Lgi GVariant class. Maybe it needs to a custom data type, and I have some idea on how that might work.

But at this stage I'm working on making the script engine cope with registering hooks and callbacks so that it can take over the functionality of the existing plugins. See how far I get.
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