Scribe Folder Migration
Date: 20/2/2010
In the release of Scribe I'm preparing today, there is a functional replication feature that can actually copy your mail2 file into a mail3 store. Well at least all your email and contacts. Other types will follow in later releases. But that is a great start.

Once that is stable (your feedback would be welcome), then I will build a little wizard over the top of it to help people upgrade their folders semi-automatically when they install Scribe v2 over v1.

The process at the moment, given you have a mail2 folder, is to:
  • Open the manage mail stores window.
  • Create a mail3 store somewhere and click Ok.
  • Now use File -> Replicate Mail Stores.
  • Select the new mail3 file in the 2nd combo box and Ok.
  • Wait... it takes a while.
  • Go back to the manage mail stores window and close your old Mail2 store.
  • Adjust any paths in your filters etc to work with the new folders (yes an auto-adjustment of those would be nice I know).

So far I've only tested it with Mail2 -> Mail3. However in theory it should work in the opposite direction as well. And in the future it'll handle IMAP as well. So one will be able to seamlessly go from Mail2 <-> Mail3 <-> IMAP <-> whatever...
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