Visual Studio 2005 / Win9x support
Date: 31/5/2011
Tags: coding
I'm officially migrating to Visual Studio 2005 as my main compiler on windows, from Visual C++ 6. So all the open source apps I've released will be getting VS2005 projects over the next few weeks. Also on top of that rather obvious change I will be deprecating support for Windows 98 and ME, slowly removing that support from Lgi and migrating to unicode as default across all my apps. I've been using Utf-8 and multi-byte charset for a long time, but now the default compile time option will be Unicode instead of Multi-byte characters.

I'll also be looking at building 64bit versions of my apps on Windows in the near future. Now that I need the address space but I would like all the libraries to support that if at some point I DO need it. Over the last week or so I've been switching on the VS2005 64-bit warnings and resolving most of them.

On the Mac I'm going to be using XCode 3.6.2 for a good while yet. I only recently settled on that as my standard compiler there, and did a lot of work getting the code to a point where it compiles without too many warnings. The Carbon backend is a worry though. I can't create new Carbon apps with that XCode so that sucks. Eventually I'll have to address that by porting the main Lgi core to Cocoa. But that would take a good while *sigh*
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