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Date: 16/3/2007
According to is blocked by the Chinese government. I'd be interested if someone from China can confirm or deny this?
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Scripting Documentation
Date: 12/3/2007
I've started a new forum to document various parts of the scripting language used in i.Mage and i.Scribe. I could write up all the info in a webpage or 3 but I decided it'd be easier and more communal to use a forum so that additional information and questions can be added by users. Once it's seems fairly static I'll collect all the information into a "manual" and publish it properly.
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Scribe/Win32 Focus Issue + Mac Port
Date: 8/3/2007
I think I've found the cause of the weird focus issue in the windows build of Scribe and I'm just testing a release build now. If things are good I'll be making a release Real Soon Now(TM).

Also on the Mac front I was doing a whole heap of unnecessary text layouts every second which contributed to the app bogging down. However when I removed them I found that all my windows would paint everytime I update a tiny part of the screen. This completely kills the responsiveness of the application and needs fixing ASAP. Apparently this is normal when your controls are set to "non opaque" which is the default. So I set the "opaque" flag and updates stopped working at all. I'm currently stuck on that at the moment.

You might think that optimizing at this point is a bit premature, but on the contrary all the time I'm waiting for the app to do something is slowing down my code, compile, test cycle which slows down my work. I found that I got more done when I got rid of the startup delay in the folder load code. It doesn't have to be Teh Snappy but it can't be sooooo sloooow I'm falling asleep either. It saps your will to live when your stuck with a slow app.
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Date: 4/3/2007
This morning I had a look at the folder loading code from an optimization point of view. It seems that running the event loop outside the normal place is extremely slow on Carbon (i.e. LgiYield() ) so I removed that from the load folder code and it went from 7sec to 0.7sec. Which means that Scribe starts in about the same amount of time as the win32 build, but it doesn't update the screen as it loads, so it looks like it's not doing anything for a second and then everything appears at once. I can live with that.

I also implemented support for the mouse wheel. Basically I just had to capture the event and call the appropriate event handler in Lgi. All sorted.

Scrolling around in folders is still pretty slow. I suspect that I'm creating destroying lots of ATSUI text objects. So I'll have a go at caching more of those. I'm a bit worried that it's the drawing of ATSUI text that's slow. But we'll see.
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Porting Update
Date: 4/3/2007
The HTML layout is fixed. I needed to apply the origin co-ordinates when displaying text. Also while I was there I fixed the colours. In several places I was using 24bit colour when I should have been using 32bit colour. On little endian machines that works anyway, but on PPC machines it breaks. So I had to do the conversions in a few more places.

In the text control I found that lines of text were being clipped so I spent some time looking at that. It seems the text metrics API is a bit busted. Well none of the API functions actually tell you how big a bit of text will appear on the screen. So at the moment I've erred on the side of more whitespace rather than clipped text. I'll probably leave that for later.

Things are running, but everything is pretty slow. I'll need to do a lot of optimisation to get anywhere near the speed of the Win32 version.

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Mac Port
Date: 3/3/2007
More progress to report. I've fixed the mouse handling so that I can reliably drag the splitter around with out weird coords in the GMouse event. Nice.

I've also fixed the client rect of the main list control so that it paints correctly. So I get a reasonable looking page of email when I start Scribe on the mac.

The HTML control is still drawing all it's text at 0,0 instead of the correct location, so I hope to get that sorted out today, and also the connect to server thread to download mail assert's somewhere so I'll be looking into that.

But that means I'm pretty close to actually... RECEIVING MAIL on the mac. As most of the UI is working now.

Thats pretty exciting for me at least. I'm still pumped over getting the fonts to work from last week ;)
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