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Date: 4/2/2004
I'm pretty happy with what I got working last night:
Some of the architecture things I've been working on in Lgi are really comming into the own now. Like the GDisplayString class that lays out text in the native character system of the OS so that it cuts down on all the character depth conversions and charset issues. Windows native unicode is 16bit ucs-2, on Linux the native unicode is 32bit utf-32 and on BeOS it's 8bit utf-8. All that is abstracted away by the GDisplayString class, which also does missing glyph replacement at the same time.

Ok so it takes a programmer to appreciate ;)
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Scribe on Linux Poll
Date: 3/2/2004
I've been running a poll on the Linux version of Scribe. And it seems that I'm losing more users than I'm keeping (yeah I know the sample size is pretty small, but what other info have I got?). If you have tried Scribe on Linux, I wouldn't mind knowing what things forced you to look elsewhere?

Are there missing features? Too restrictive feature set on the freeware version? Not stable enough? Not fast enough? No source? ;) I'm listening!
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Date: 3/2/2004
I got i.Ftp running on Zeta last night, the main window came up and it was recognisable. Fonts are broken and the toolbar images were missing but it's a start. At least it's building, and showing something that I can work with.

I don't know if this is new or not but the default simple debugger now has the ability to launch bdb to handle the debugging session. This is pretty cool because if you can't work out what the problem is from the stack crawl then being able to fire up bdb to inspect the value of variables is just way cool. Much better than the current sad state of affairs under Linux. It's almost as good as debugging under Windows, which is pretty svelte these days.
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BeOS Zeta
Date: 1/2/2004
Work continues on the BeOS/Zeta port of Lgi... it now compiles and links. Yay ''! So now I've got a little test harness setup to bring various bits of functionality back online. The main window and application objects are working. I'm just getting the menus laid out in the right location.

It is nice to see that the days of hacking on the BeOS port have really had a profound effect on my design of Lgi. Some of the function names are direct descendents of BeOS class methods. And it's always cute to see pages of code on Linux or Windows replaced with "one liners" on BeOS. Because BeOS did it right in the first place. A lot of things in the BeOS port of Lgi will just make a lot more sense than on the other systems. Like Mime Types for instance. On Linux and Windows they were a hack added to the OS after it was designed and gee it shows. But on BeOS it's an intrinsic part of the OS. And Lgi likes things typed with Mime Types too, so in some respects, Lgi's "native" platform is BeOS. In that it's own internal ideas about how things should work is the same as BeOS's design and on other platforms it's always trying to match the simplicity and cleanliness of BeOS. Although never quite getting there because OS always gets in the way.

A few things I've noticed back in the land of BeOS. The term window gives absolutely no response when an executable has a missing library. On Linux you get a " is missing", Zeta dumps you straight back to the prompt with no error message. bdb is still as clunky as ever, but I'll live.
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Date: 20/1/2004
Firstly a lot of people are having trouble with HTML mail in Scribe. Basically it just crashes when you open the mail if it's HTML. I want some help getting this sorted for the next release. If this is happening to you then you might want to:
  • Remove any plugins that your using, see if it fixes the problem.
  • Try setting the "default alternative" in the appearence options to "text/plain" and see if it works.
  • Send me the offending email by exporting it to a file (drag it to the desktop). First check that if you import the email (drag it onto a folder in Scribe) that it still crashes. Then attach it to the bug report email. It may be a HTML control bug caused by specific HTML. I went through all the HTML mail I had and didn't get it to crash.
  • Download the symbols build and try and get a crash trace for me. You may find the section on crashes in the trouble shooting guide helpful. If the debug build won't load then grab these DLL's and put them in the same directory (or System[32]).
Anyway, anything you do find out let me know ASAP.

I know about some issues with accounts hanging midstream as well. This is possibly already fixed. We'll have to see in the next release.

Secondly I've been working away on the BeOS(Zeta) port of Lgi, bringing it back up to working condition. Most of it compiles and links but no yet. I'll start by using the cross platform controls instead of the native ones. This will mean it'll be up and running faster. I can always go back and write native wrappers if I have time/inclination. I'm busting to get LgiIde running on BeOS, because the native IDE plain sucks. I like my key bindings and I like my work flow. Don't force me to do it differently.

I've been using the new button skin for the last few days and it seems to be no slower than before. So I'm pretty sure it's not hitting the CPU too hard to render the more complex graphics. Still trying to think of a good way to make it optional for Lgi apps. I've implemented disabled state, focus rect, pressed and default button versions of the button skin and they all look great. The only problem is that all the other widgets now look plain and ugly next to the shiny new buttons :(
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Date: 14/1/2004
Heres a new button that Lgi could draw instead of the current button:

Scribe and other Lgi applications have always looked a bit plain. And I'm thinking of making Lgi a bit easier on the eyes. But that comes at some cost in terms on rendering speed, and ram. If you have an opinion go and vote.
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