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Date: 5/2/2003
If your using v1.85 or about to try i.Scribe for the first time then I suggest you grab the latest v1.86 as it has some fixes for several crashes I found recently. As soon as I'm sure v1.86 is without any other major problems it'll become the next 'stable' release.
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Date: 28/1/2003
I've, for better or worse finished up the Scribe v1.85 development run and made it final. All the plugins are up to date, so if you use them the current downloads of Scribe and the plugins are compatible.

Also I'm having a little difficulty implementing XDND. It seems that no matter what I do XConvertSelection doesn't work (returns "1" !?!). Although I'm not sure why the XdndDrop window (data.l[0]) is different to that returned by XGetSelectionOwner for "XdndSelection". Please if you know anything about XDND... HELP!
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Date: 16/1/2003
I've been working away on the Linux version, specifically the drag'n'drop and the clipboard support. Things are moving along quite well. Also basic clipboard support is in place now. However I havn't been receiving much feedback about the new alpha. So if you have anything to say I'm all ears.
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Date: 8/1/2003
A new linux version is almost out. Just a quick tidy up and some final testing and I'll upload it. Also I've updated all the plugin downloads so that they work (and have been tested) with the latest build of Scribe (v1.85-test13). If your getting crashes with plugins (say on startup) then update to the current Scribe, delete your old plugins and grab new versions.
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Linux Update
Date: 1/1/2003
I'm getting much closer to a new Linux release, but I didn't make it in '02 (sorry!). There's a bunch of fixes listed in the Scribe page. I'm finding it heavy going implementing equivelents for Lgi functions in Linux.
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Stress Testing Scribe
Date: 19/12/2002
I havn't had this much fun in ages. Recently someone mentioned how much memory Scribe gobbled during a compact, so I fired up Scribe and watched it's memory usage during the compact, and well it was shocking...
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