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Author/Date Error 550 - Relay on all accoounts
27/12/2016 10:57pm
I have just hit a problem, InScribe (paid version) will not send emails from any of my set up accounts (4).
Upon send I get the "ERROR 550 Relay denied for unauthenticated sender"
This has just materialised from the last update to Version 2.1 build 31.
I have cross - tested sending using "Outlook", "Thunderbird","Wikmail", all send with no issues.
All these Clients are set up exactly the same.
Due to the nature of my work, I use "" as my smtp with port 2525.
Appreciate all and any advice to resolve this issue.

I have read the page "" but being non-technical, I understand what it says but don't know what to do about it.
28/12/2016 8:41pm
Does you SMTP settings include a username and password for authentication? If not then you should set those up. If so then you will need to provide a connection log to me so I can see what's going on between the server and client.
29/12/2016 11:11pm
Hi - Thank you for your reply.
I seem to have solved my issue.
I have Scribe set up with folders for each account, filters sort the incoming mail to these respective folders.
I have been trying to write email directly from these folders.
Although you can write these emails Scribe will not send them, as originally reported.
If I select from "Identities" button, "Write" then send all works as it should.
As a suggestion would it be possible for Scribe to write and send directly from the folders as mentioned above?

I really appreciate your efforts and sound advice and help.
Thanks again