Scribe v2.00 Final
Unless someone finds some major problem with the Windows v2.00 Beta46 release I'm going to be calling that the final official release of v2.00 in 2 weeks. It's not perfect but most of the issues are minor or only happen very rarely. I'll be trying to get the Mac port up to scratch in the mean time. There are a few known issues and that I need to sort out. (The filter bar is a mess, the edit and checkbox controls should REALLY be native). Then I'll post that hopefully before Christmas.

What that'll mean for customers of InScribe is that your v1.xx key that has been working for all the v2.00 beta's is not going to work for the v2.00 final. For existing customers the upgrade pricing will be $5 USD (50% off the normal price).

Once the v2.00 final is out and the upgrade process is nice and smooth I'll be turning my attention towards the security side of email. I've been watching the news lately and to be honest the revelations coming from Snowden have been eye opening. I think it's time to make privacy the main point, and as the author of an email client I feel it's my responsibility to make that happen. So the stable v2.00 branch will increasingly be focused on seamless encryption of email, and the surrounding RFC standards.

As a side note I'm not super happy about the performance of the Sqlite database layer that makes up the mail3 folder format. So I'm actively playing with options in that space. The client can easily support plug and play storage systems via a simple API (currently implementations are mail2, mail3 and IMAP). So adding more is feasible. Maybe some experimental implementations will appear in the v2.xx releases.

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64bit Adventures
I've been playing around with 64bit builds of Scribe on windows. And it's been er... interesting to say the least.
  • By default the Visual Studio 2005 installed doesn't install the x64 compiler and libraries. Nice...
  • When you do get that installed, and then create an x64 profile in your solution you get the option to copy the settings from the 32bit profile. Which for the most part works, but when you try and compile said x64 profile, you discover this delightful error:
    fatal error LNK1112: module machine type 'x64' conflicts with target machine type 'X86'
    Which in a nutshell means you are linking 64bit objects into a 32bit binary. However the standard response that people get on the forums is that you have to set your Linker- >Advanced->TargetMachine correctly. And you know what? Well it WAS set correctly to MachineX64. So what gives? Well if you click on Linker->CommandLine and look in "Additional Options" you'll see /MACHINE:I386. Sigh.
  • When running Windows7 64bit and you put additional 32bit DLL's in C:\Windows\System32 you'd think... that since there is a "32" in that folder name that is where they go. Well no... the 64bit DLL's go in System32 and the 32bit DLL's go in "System". Gaaaaahhhhh.
But at the end of the day, there it is... 64bit Scribe:

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